Packing House Equipment & Supplies

An industry leading provider throughout North America for over 50 years.

From kill floor equipment to overhead conveyor systems, we carry thousands of the parts you need in stock. All Power also specializes in custom designing, engineering and fabrication innovative solutions to fit your exact plant, production line and budget needs.

Whether you need quality replacement parts for comprehensive system, our highly skilled and experienced team is dedicated to keeping your production line running efficiently, safely and consistently.

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General Products
In addition to specific beef and pork products, All Power carries and manufactures a wide range of quality general packing house equipment and replacement parts. From platforms, pumps and sinks to fasteners, rails and hooks, we have the size, strength and finish you need. If you don’t see it here, we can always build what you need to your exact specifications.
All Power offers a complete line up of durable beef products that can withstand the harshest environments and repetitive daily use, including restrainer systems, splitters, pullers, shackles, knocking boxes and more. No matter what you need, we have the size, strength and finish available – or we can custom manufacture the exact system or part you’re seeking.
All Power has exactly what you need to keep your hog kill operation running smoothly and efficiently – from scalding tanks, dehair systems, and polishers, to rollers, saws, and shackles. We carry a variety of sizes, strengths and finishes, however, if you don’t see what you need listed, All Power can easily custom design the system or component you request.
Cutting & Boning
When it comes to specific cutting and boning products, All Power has an extensive list of conveyor systems, tables, saws, cutting boards, clamps and sterilizers. Various styles and sizes are available, as well as individual replacement parts. All Power can also manufacture a system or part to meet your unique needs.
All Power is ready with the exact cooler products you need in your packing house. We carry feeders, hanger rods, tee saddles and walking conveyor beams in a variety of sizes, configurations and finishes, as well as replacement parts. All Power can also custom design and build what you need exactly to your individual specifications.
All Power specializes in high quality trolley systems and parts designed for long-running, problem-free service. We carry and manufacture a variety of sizes, finishes and weight capacities. If we don’t have what your plant needs, we can custom create the right solution for you. All Power can also repair or replace damaged or worn out parts.
All Power has a broad range of standard switches for conveyor and non-conveyors systems. We also offer a variety of finishes, weight capacities and degrees. No matter what switch you need, if All Power doesn’t carry it standard, we can custom build the exact switch system to fit your operational needs.
Overhead Conveyors
All Power is an industry leader in overhead conveyor system solutions. From our standard conveyor systems to custom building an overhead conveyor solution for your plant, you’ll get durable, reliable equipment. We also carry replacement parts and can repair your damaged equipment.